Strava Training

I have been playing with a new training website and phone app called Strava.  This is a tool primarily targeted at runners and bikers for tracking their training routines and comparing themselves with others.

This is a great tool so far.  I have been riding routes all over the area and now I can check my routes against other riders.  The site has these things called segments that you can ride to try to become King Of The Mountain on.  Basicly a rider takes a route and then saves a segment and then all other riders that have traveled that route will be compared to them.  This creates a fun competition aspect to riding and makes you push yourself even harder to get higher up on the leader boards.

Go and check out and get out there riding.

You can also check out my training page for my strava stats.

Posted on: Monday, May 14th 2012 - 6:00 AM


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